SAY expects to award more than $400,000 in financial aid this year alone, and to date, no child has been turned away from our programs due to a family's inability to pay. Your store purchases can help us continue this legacy. Learn more about SAY.

About Stuttering

Over 70 million people stutter on a daily basis, including 5% of all children. Young people who stutter often face unimaginable fear and cruelty from a world that doesn’t understand them. Over time, they may recoil from the world, silencing themselves to hide their stutter, embarrassment and shame. Young people who stutter may also feel incredibly isolated and alone, and many face daily ridicule, teasing and bullying. Since 2001, SAY has offered comprehensive, innovative programs that address the physical, social and emotional impacts of stuttering. 
About SAY
Since 2001 SAY has offered comprehensive and innovative programs, including Confident Voices After-School & Weekend Programs, Camp SAY & Speech Therapy. Our programs address the physical, social and emotional impacts of stuttering.

  • Camp SAY - Join us at Camp SAY, the exciting summer camp where everything seems possible for a young person who stutters, and where they develop the skills they need to communicate more effectively, build self-confidence and forge friendships to last a lifetime. Our sleep-away camp welcomes children and teens that stutter, ages 8-18, and their young family members and friends who want to share an incredible camp experience together. Young people from across the country, and beyond, attend Camp SAY year after year. Learn more about Camp SAY.

  • SAY: Confident Voices - This After-School & Weekend program helps young people who stutter develop the confidence and courage they need to communicate more effectively, build a sense of community & establish rewarding friendships. Utilizing a broad range of effective program formats–all of which build communication skills and self-confidence–our dynamic staff helps kids and teens safely expand their comfort zones. Building on each child’s individual strengths, interests, and communication goals, we offer a highly individualized experience to maximize results. Our Confident Voices program enables kids and teens to collaborate on key projects. Working together to achieve common goals, young people learn how to succeed as part of a dynamic team. Learn more about Confident Voices.

  • SAY: Speech Therapy - Our Speech Therapy program provides comprehensive stuttering treatment that incorporates physical strategies to make speaking easier, as well as education, fear reduction, counseling and parent/family integration. SAY’s speech-language program provides a unique depth of experience and expertise because it is fully dedicated to the treatment of stuttering. We offer: speech consultations; diagnostic evaluations; individual & group therapy sessions; self-help & parent groups; ongoing support for professionals and added resources. Learn more about speech therapy.

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